Bud Heroes

Bud Heroes

We all have Heroes in our lives. Some wear combat boots, some put out fires, some protect us every day, many are unsung. We want to know… Who’s Your Hero? Upload a photo here and tell telling us your story, or share a photo or video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #BudHeroes.

Who's Your Hero

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    Col. Ann Parker
    “My mom, Col. Ann Parker is my hero. My mom is a retired United States Air Force nurse. Her whole career, she loved what she did. Always managed to not only be dedicated and hardworking, but humble. Growing up as an only child, and an Air Force brat, wasn’t always easy, but my mom made sure it was always an adventure for us. She has been my role model, my best friend, and someone I have looked up to, since day one. My mom is the most caring and selfless person I know, anyone in her life can testify to that. Whether she is doing volunteer work, or just going out of her way to make someone’s day, she is the little bit of sunshine everyone needs in their life. I could go on all day about how wonderful my mom is, but it still wouldn’t do justice for how much of an amazing person she is and how much she deserves the world. Thank you for not only your service Mom, but the love and joy you bring everyone around you.”

    Josh Ragusa
    “Josh is my family’s hero for many reasons. He is a decorated 11 year veteran, with four over seas deployments under his belt. Two of which were volunteer positions in Iraq and Afghanistan where he earned the Afghanistan Campaign Medal and Navy achievement Medal with valor for supporting Operation New Dawn. He served his country with selflessness and pride and continues to today by offering words of wisdom for younger and more experienced veterans for local events. He is dedicated to our presidency, our country and our family.”

    Robert Duke Sr.
    “Easy. My late father. Military Veteran and high school football coach. A quiet man who demanded hard work and respect from us and his players. I still run into his former players who tell me what a positive influence he was in their lives. Unfortunately, he passed away only 2 years into his coaching career. He left an undeniable legacy as a patriot, mentor and most importantly, husband and Dad. His final resting place is amongst many other Patriots at Quantico national cemetery.” 

    Steven Geiger
    “He is my hero because, for the last 12 years of marriage, he has always put our family it the best situation possible. Especially for our 3 little girls. One of our daughters has a rare Gene Mutation. 3 years of gene testing then formally being diagnosed with KAT6A which 103 world wide. He has been able to do both being a father and a military man. To support us and the Marines under his charge.”

    James J. McMahon III
    “My husband, Jim McMahon, was a Vietnam Veteran. He served during the height of that conflict and received several commendations for bravery under fire. His biggest battle was fought in recent years as he battled several types of cancer from exposure to Agent Orange. During his final months, he never complained and faced each setback with courage and grace. He was very proud of his service to his country, as am I, but I’m even prouder of his courage and dignity at the end of his life”

    Lee Smith
    “Former childhood neighbor and friend. Died serving our country in Iraq Nov 11 2017.”

    Juamo Lee
    “America’s favorite son, Juamo was born to fight and win.”

    Lt Murphy
    “He sacrificed his life to help out his 3 brothers. His act of heroism inspires me every day the values of honor, courage, and compliment. He is my American Hero.”

    LCDR Bishop, USN
    “A selfless leader. LCDR Bishop was my physics instructor. His relationship with the class and the wisdom he shared was invaluable.”

    Colonel Jim Kanovse, US Army
    “Jim Kanose is my Military Hero. He is my uncle and the reason I joined the military, came to the Naval Academy and service selected marine Corps Pilot. He served in the Army as a Mohawk pilot during Vietnam, earned the distinguished flying cross and worked in the Army Liaison office in DC with John McCain as enactor McCain worked in the Navy office. He is the most genuine leader I have ever met and I hope to carry on his legacy. “

    Steven Pascal
    “I want to thank my boyfriend for serving our country and everyone that is serving. I honor and respect you all. Thank you all for your service.”

    Jones Calvin
    “Calvin represents the Maryland National Guard. He is a soldier you can trust and depend.”

    General George S. Patton
    “For his exemplary service in WW2. His prominent command presence and over come attitude led the 3rd Army to victory in France. His strong backbone was necessary in the army to keep the war favoring America.”

    Lt. Col. Jeffrey Dishart (Ret.)
    “My uncle and Godfather served the United States Air Force as an F-16 fighter pilot. It was a dream he has as a young boy. He served in a multitude of other billets as well. The marjority of his life was given in service to the nation. He died from ALS as a young man at 56 in June of 2015. He is buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetary. He had a lot more to contribute to tHe nation but couldn’t make it that far. Rest in Peace.”

    Brendan Looney
    “The ultimate leader both on and off the lacrosse field. Looney held everyone accountable and always held himself to the highest standard. He is the reason the team in 2004 was so together and the reason I am proud to be a part of the lacrosse team. Everyone know who he is and respects what he has done.”

    Lt. Colonel Paul Comez
    “He’s been my idol for as long as I can remember. He was one of the reasons I decided to go into the Marine Corps. My Uncle Paul was a company commander in the Marine Corps during the battle of Fallujah. He went through a lot especially in his time after combat but he has always been one of the biggest inflences in my life. He is currently in the FBI as well as the USMC reserves and he is the MAN!”

    Mike Shaw
    “He served in the Iraq war in 2005 as a Motor T Marine. While he may not have been in such a combat situation where he was firing at someone he has continued the tradition of service in his family. There have been 6 enlisted Marines to serve before him. Additionally he has passed the tradition on to his children who have both attended the Naval Academy.”

    Malcom Williams
    “Growing up my uncle had a rouch childhood. Like any young adult he was in a lot of trouble. He got his life together and went to serve for our country and that cleaned his life. He met his wife while he was serving. She was also in the military. They now have a happy beautiful family. Now I look up to them. They are my motivation. No matter what you for through anything is possible.”

    Charles Abell
    “My Dad served in the Army during WWII and was stationed in Germany. Always my hero. Passed away in 1977. Miss him always.”

    Arnvid Bjorke
    “He was an admiral and served this country well. He also was in a band in the navy. He was an American Hero!!”

    Jerome Tannebaum
    “He was a first line Marine that served in Vietnam for 4 tours. He once had to hold off an ambush of over 15 soldiers and one aided his troops to safety. He’s not only a true soldier in America, but he is a marine. Roll Tide!”

    Tom Davis
    “Served proudly in Operation Iraqi freedom as the designated sniper for the 82nd Airborne.”

    Sam Ridgley
    “He stormed the beaches of Normandy and sacrificed so much of himself that he came back a changed man. His 21 gun salute was the most honorable recognition possible. Love you Pap Pap.”

    Frank W Seal, Sr
    “My grandfather served in the US Army during WWII and the Korean War. They fought as a tank commander arriving to the Battle of the Bulge as well. For his service and injuries received during the war, he received a silver star and a purple heart. He liberated many characteristics while in Europe and was as active member in the local 26 contracting endeavors.”

    James Harry Johnson
    “Army, My loving grandfather served in WWII. His strength and courage has inspired me throughout my life.”

    Sgt Kyle Wilkes
    “Kyle is someone that I had met in Japan. When I had met him is when I had the most motivation. Kyle has been the best motivation in my military career.”

    Hank Candin, USN
    “My grandpa was an officer in the Navy during WWII. In his service he was selected to be one of the officers to command on a boat to take marines to the shore should the US need to invade Japan. He started art with a class of over 100 and was one of a dozen officers left at the end of their training. He was never called to execute these duties because Japan surrendered but he was willing to be the top of the spear in a likely very bloody invasion of his nation needed him. He did deploy to Japan as part of the relief effort.”

    Joe Janos
    “My Dad served proudly in the Navy. A lifelong Annapolitan. He is now 93 years old and is still rocking. Born and raised in Bayridge.”

    Samuel Kravet
    “Samuel was a member of the US Airforce during Vietnam. He received purple for his efforts which is displayed proudly in my parents’ house. My middle name is often him and I am proud to share that name. He was a great soldier and even better man.”

    Thank you for sharing your #BudHeroes with us!

    Colonel Mike
    “He always puts his faith, family and country as his priority.” – Sharon

    Bud Register
    “My husband is my hero because he has served in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq for the love of his country, patriots and family.” – Tindi

    Rodolfo Esausa 
    “He is always there for his Family. He supports us in everything and goes above and beyond for his job.” – Carol

    My Family is my hero! 
    “My family has taken care of me and each other through the years.”

    Carol & Karen Darling
    “My cousins did what my family considers the bravest thing on earth – protecting their Family. Thank you Carol & Karen!” – Althea

    Trans Nelson
    “Active Duty for 8 years in USAF. Husband and father of 3.”

    Emerson Deale JR – US Navy deceased 2008
    “My Hero served in the Korean War aboard USS Lake Champlain aircraft carrier. Greatest man I’ve ever known. Served his country, his family, his church and fellow Annapolitans for years. Died Memorial Day 2008.” – Charlie

    Lawrence B.
    “My hero is my Dad, who served in the army 1950-1953 in the Korean war. He accomplished 39 jumps as a paratrooper with only one broken leg. His stories of his service time are vivid and timeless. At 85 years old he has proven to be devoted to his country and family. My hero. I love him!!!” – Julie

    Colonel Ed Johnson
    “Not only did Colonel Johnson serve proudly in the Army, he was shot down several times and served in intelligence for our country. In retirement, he and his lovely wife Lois continue to contribute to our country through their charitable work. This Bud’s for you my dear friend. God Bless!” – Brit

    Lt Col, Valerie Russell, USAFR (Ret)
    “My hero is my wife, 22 years service, active, guard & reserve. Former Lockheed Martin employee and outstanding mother to two wonderful girls. Full time Mom now and the best there is. I am the luckiest guy on earth!” – Bill

    “My hero is my brother Pete. He was wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan and served a total of six tours of duty in theater. He returned stateside and actively participates in wounded warriors activities and is a role model for his kids.” – Dale

    Capt. George Goetzke
    “I spent the second grade reading letters sent to me from my father from Vietnam, and still have them.” 

    SGT. Mike Wilson USMC
    “Served in Iraq, Afganistan, and Africa. Purple Heart. A warrior and a gentlemen.”

    John Lindsey
    “God Bless America! John would have given up anything for anyone around him. I am so blessed to have known him and everyone who knew him would say the same thing about him.” 

    Brady Bialek
    “My cousin Brady is the best man I know. He is courageous and follow through with everything he does. Nobody loves America more than Brady. God Bless him.”

    Glendan James Schneide
    “My brother served in Vietnam and did his duty for 23 years. He earned a rank of E7. He is a true hero to this day and our family is very proud of him.”

    Tim Plutoff
    “Served in Afganistan, awarded with a purple heart, a true American Hero.”

    VADM Stockdale
    “VADM Stockdale endured years of North Vietnamese torture after being shot down in the Vietnam War. He organized resistance against his Captain and continued to lead and serve in captivity.”

    John Schalski
    “My father will always be my hero. He served in the Navy for many years. He is also one of the kindest men I’ve ever known. He always goes above and beyond for anyone he meets. Love him with all my heart.”

    Jeffrey R Davis
    “Army Medic Sgt. Served in Operations Dessert Storm. So proud of him for receiving a combat medic award.”

    Aimee Williams
    “My mother had me at the age of 15. We began living in a trailer with 2 bedrooms in Kansas. My mother had 2 girls and was a single parent. At one time it was us against the world. She joined the Airforce at 32 years old. She knew it was something to help raise her 2 girls. She never graduated high school and eventually attained her GED’ Bachelors, Masters and most recently completed her PHD… all for the military. She has graduated over 1200 officers for social work in all militarized fields at Walter Reed Hospital and beat breast cancer!”

    Robert Neivert
    “He was in WWII as a aviation specialist. He flew air drops of supplies to ground troops. The encountered tough conditions but he did everything he could to support his country.”

    Stew Smith
    “This ex-Navy SEAL is the embodiment of what it means to be selfless and all in. Not only did he attend USNA but he served our country as a Navy’s SEAL and since retiring has begun a program to help future military and law enforcement personnel. He gives back to his community and his country on a daily basis by training young men and women, and by giving insight that he wished he had at a young age. He allows these young men and women to become the best versions of themselves both physically and mentally before entering into such an elite arena. He’s a hero because he trains and advises future heroes.”

    John Roman
    “John Roman is my 92 year old grandfather who is a WWII veteran and two Time Purple Heart recipient. He is an amazing father, grandfather and great grandfather. He loves his family and his wife very much. It just amazes me that he stormed the beaches of Normandy fighting for his country at such a young age! He is a true American hero.”

    Joe Breen
    “I grew up wrestling with Joe Breen from the time we were 7 years old. We both felt the desire to serve and were accepted to the Naval Academy in Annapolis as members of the class of 2012. After we graduated we served in Norfolk VA as Surface Warfare Officers. Joe was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and beat it after over a year of chemo and radiation treatment. He is still serving and is my hero for his strength and perseverance.”

    SFC Todd Buerger, USA (ret.)
    “Todd Buerger is my identical twin brother. He served over 22 years in the Army and deployed to Iraq, Sinai Peninsula, Korea, Kosovo, and Afghanistan, just to name a few. He has his stories and combat wounds, but he never lets that bother him. He is a rock and has thrived to excel post military career. He served with honor and was my inspiration to also serve. I am a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.”