Mobile Tickets Guide

Mobile Tickets Guide

Some topics about mobile and mobile tickets that you can find here: 1.How do I save tickets to my mobile wallet? 2.How do I use my mobile tickets to enter the venue? 3.How do I transfer or accept transferred tickets?


The Military Bowl is putting you in control of your tickets with our one-stop-shop! From downloading to transferring tickets! If you purchased tickets from Boston College and East Carolina, please head over to their box offices for access to tickets.

Access your Military Bowl Ticket Account Here


Sign in to your account from your smartphone and download tickets to your smartphone’s wallet for safekeeping, easy retrieval, and quick entry at the event!
1.Log in to your account from your smartphone
2.Go to the event for the tickets you want to download
3.Tap on the button: “Add to Apple Wallet” or “Save to G Pay”
4.Tap ADD when presented with your ticket
5.Go to your Wallet and your ticket should be there!
You can always access your ticket via your account on the mobile browser, but we encourage you to use your mobile wallet and download your ticket in advance to save you time. Please note mobile pdf tickets are also available.



Sending tickets is easy.

1.Log in to your account from your smartphone
2.On the first page, scroll down to the bottom to find the TRANSFER button
3.Select the events and tickets you want to transfer, then fill in the mobile phone number of the recipient
4.Tap CONFIRM and your tickets will be sent via text message!
You can transfer multiple tickets from multiple events, transfer to multiple people, all with the same easy process.


When someone sends a ticket transfer, you’ll receive a text message letting you know you have a pending transfer. If you already have an account, accept the transfer and you will be prompted to log in to retrieve the tickets.
1.Tap on the link from your text message
2.Tap ACCEPT TRANSFER—note that there is an expiration date to the transfer
3.Log in to your account
4.And you are done!
Your new tickets are listed in your account and can be downloaded to your mobile wallet If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one in order to complete the transfer and access your tickets.