LCDR Michael J. McCartin

LCDR Michael J. McCartin

United States Navy (Ret)
Director, Global Military Sales
Alpha Industries

During his Navy career, Mr. McCartin held a number of operational and staff positions including tours in OPNAV N81 and several Helicopter Squadrons. His tours included air operations in Southwest Asia, Bosnia and ground contingency operations in Haiti. He was instrumental in the maturation of Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Operations within Navy Helicopter Squadrons.  He is a qualified Helicopter Aircraft Commander and Strike Lead with over 3700 flight hours and over 700 on Night Vision Goggles (NVGs).

Mr. McCartin joined Whitney, Bradley and Brown, Inc. in 1996 as the Manager for Rotary Wing Requirements. In 2000, he was promoted to Director, Training Product Area. He was subsequently promoted to Vice President in 2002 and continued to lead the Training Product Area until 2003.

In 2003, Mr. McCartin assumed the position of Vice President, Concept Development (Government). In 2004, he took leadership of all of the company’s Concept Development products, both Government and Industry. He led that area until October 2006, when he formed the company’s third Business Group.

In 2009, Mr. McCartin took responsibility for WBB’s Business Group 1: Requirements Management & Interoperability, Operational Concepts & Analyses and Organizational Development, Training & Process Improvement.  During this time period, he also oversaw WBB’s Site Operations at the Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach offices.

In January 2011, Mr. McCartin became WBB’s Chief Development Officer (CDO), leading all corporate development and the company’s Business Development Group.   Mr. McCartin left WBB in February 2012 after the successful sale of the company to a Private Equity firm.

Mr. McCartin Joined Integrated Finance & Accounting Solutions (IFAS) LLC in January of 2013 as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). During his tenure at IFAS, he doubled revenue in 2 years and brought about installed significant procedures and policies to help the company achieve its growth goals.

In April of 2015, Mr. McCartin left IFAS to continue a relationship of almost 20 years with Alpha Industries as the Director, Global Military Sales. McCartin has already made an impact by bringing on teammate Playboy Enterprises and by developing a relationship with the Warrior Flight Team, a charity that supports Wounded Warriors as they rehabilitate.

Mr. McCartin resides in Warrenton, Virginia, and has three children, Michael, Kyle, and Connor. Kyle (UVA ’12 & ’13) and Connor (UVA ’13) are both Virginia Football alumni.

Mr. McCartin holds a B.S. in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Florida State University.