EagleBank Bowl Announces Ambassador Program

The EagleBank Bowl announced the formation of the EagleBank Bowl Ambassador Program, a program that gives local corporations, organizations and individuals the opportunity to get involved with the Bowl game on a grassroots level.

Through the program, participants can network with each other and meet community involvement objectives while playing an integral role with the EagleBank Bowl.

“The Ambassador Program helps us expand our network in the local community, and the response has already been positive,” says Steve Beck, Executive Director of the EagleBank Bowl. “We look forward to growing the program and our overall outreach.”

The Ambassador Program is categorized on three levels: Advisory Board, Host Committee and Volunteer Committee. Those who participate in the program make a monetary or services contribution associated with one of the three levels and get involved with efforts to organize and promote the Bowl game while making Washington, D.C., a great experience for Bowl attendees.

Based on the category level, participants are eligible for official recognition in Bowl-related materials, exclusive tickets to EagleBank Bowl-sponsored events, the opportunity to serve on Bowl committees and co-host official events, official bowl merchandise, game day tickets, as well as other exclusive services. For category specific information, please visit http://www.eaglebankbowl.org/community-involvement/ambassador-program.

Interested parties can learn more about the Ambassador Program and other ways to get involved with the EagleBank Bowl at the Bowl’s Community Involvement and Volunteer Information Summit from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursday, October 22, at the Renaissance Washington, D.C., Hotel (Auditorium – Meeting Room Level).

As a non-profit organization with charitable initiatives, the EagleBank Bowl seeks to have the local community embrace the game as a regional event. The Wounded Warrior Project is the charitable partner for the EagleBank Bowl. One of the founding members of the Ambassador Program, David Kaufman of Ameritel Corp., made his decision to get involved in the program because of the charity aspect.

“As a business owner, I am always looking for opportunities that not only help grow my business but contribute to the community and a worthy cause,” Kaufman says.

For more information on the Ambassador Program, please contact Jenna Ross at 202- 527-7702 or jross@EagleBankBowl.org.