Hogan Morton, Clemson University


Clemson University kicker Hogan Morton, a sophomore majoring in genetics, has been named a Military Bowl STEM Scholar-Athlete presented by BuildSubmarines.com.

Morton, who is from Birmingham, Alabama, holds a 4.0 grade-point average and is a two-time member of the ACC Honor Roll. He completed a microinternship at Christ Community Health Services in Memphis this past spring.

“I’ve always had plans to attend medical school after graduating college,” Morton said. “Genetics was the best available major to achieve this dream but is also a booming industry of research. This summer I was able to perform research on a kidney disease called IgA Nephropathy (IgAN) at the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Medicine. Through my research experience, I was able to optimize their serum isolation process which tripled the amount of samples they could isolate each week. I was also able to increase the protein yield of each isolated fraction.”

Morton plans to return to that same work group in a paid position next summer and his findings are scheduled to be presented to the American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) next June.

“Hogan has challenged himself in the classroom and achieved excellence every semester,” said Kathryn Koning, Clemson’s director of football academic services. “His hard work in the classroom has helped him build connections within his program that will lead him to continued success both academically and professionally.” 

The Military Bowl and BuildSubmarines.com are proud to announce the members of the third annual Military Bowl STEM Scholar-Athlete Program, recognizing some of the brightest minds taking the football field in the ACC and the American Athletic Conference.

“The Military Bowl STEM Scholar-Athlete Program presented by BuildSubmarines.com recognizes some of the brightest minds taking the football field each weekend,” Military Bowl Foundation President & Executive Director Steve Beck said. “Together with BuildSubmarines.com, we commend these student-athletes for their ability to succeed on the field and in the classroom while managing a most challenging course load.”

 The Military Bowl STEM Scholar-Athlete Program honors one football player at each university that is a member of the ACC and the American Athletic Conference – the two conferences that are represented in the Military Bowl college football game. These players are studying STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects and/or aspire to STEM careers.

“STEM education is the cornerstone of innovation, equipping the next generation with critical thinking skills to tackle global challenges,” said Kiley Wren, co-founder and co-chief executive at BlueForge Alliance, owners and operators of BuildSubmarines.com. “These courses prepare students for purposeful, high-demand career paths while fostering adaptability, collaboration, and technological literacy. At BlueForge Alliance, empowering individuals with a stable foundation of knowledge pairs directly into our mission of ensuring a resilient and adaptable skilled trades workforce ready to meet the demands of revitalizing our nation’s defense. We’re proud to join the Military Bowl in recognizing outstanding student athletes aiming to make an impact off the field while supporting their fellow students’ pursuits.”